Why an anvil is better designed to fly than a drone

I know you’re thinking: “That’s a crazy title.” But bear with me on this one. It’s not as crazy as it seems. Just slightly crazy.  Illustration Courtesy of Modovolo It turns out that the humble and useful anvil has a storied history of flight. So it’s even more useful than you thought. You see, back … Leer más

Why you are losing money when your drone is not in the air…

Illustration Courtesy of Modovolo At Modovolo, we’ve shamelessly stolen this from the playbook of Southwest Airlines. You see, 40 years ago, Southwest figured out that people pay airlines to fly them places. Sounds simple – and it is – but it was a fundamental revelation because Southwest then realized that if, for example, a plane … Leer más

How can you make a battery fly? 

The fundamentals of any drone are actually quite simple. You need a motor (with a propeller) and you need an energy source to power that motor. That’s it.  Illustration Courtesy of Modovolo This is using first principles thinking, a method popularized and used by Elon Musk in all his companies, most notably SpaceX and Tesla. … Leer más

The Modovolo Lift. Long flight time. Low, low price. And Legos? 

As a drone operator and company owner myself, that means that I’m always trying to find ways to increase my profit margins for my drone business.  A key part of this is finding the best drone at the lowest cost, but that has always come at the expense of flight time. Because there are currently … Leer más

DJI Avata 2 Review – The Drone Even My Husband Could Fly

Hey, welcome to my review of the DJI Avata 2. I was lucky enough to get one of DJI’s pre-release models of the Avata 2 to test and share my findings with you. While I never personally flew the original Avata, I do have experience with some other entry-level cinewhoop-style drones as a baseline comparison. … Leer más

DJI Air 3: How to Power On/Off (Step-by-Step Guide)

2023 was a great year for DJI, releasing three new drones, of which the Air 3 was one of them. This came as great news to those of us who wanted to upgrade some of the drones we then owned and those looking to purchase their first DJI drone. Perhaps you received a new Air … Leer más

DJI RC-N2 Review (Everything You Need to Know)

The only barrier between us and a dronepocalypse is the controllers controlling these drones. Eh, no, I’m joking here. Image credit: Dan Bayne But without these controllers, we wouldn’t be able to fly our drones, right? And yet, manufacturers build these radio transmitters with different drone compatibilities. However, for DJI, it takes years until a … Leer más

DJI Air 3: How to Charge Batteries (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you were the recent recipient of the new feature-rich DJI Air 3, there is a lot to learn about your new drone. There is so much to love with the DJI Air 3, from its dual-camera system, 10-bit color, and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system. When you add into the mix also figuring out how … Leer más